True Faith 2001

Worldwide Releases

12 inch Vinyl Promo

US 2001 (Future Disc Systems/Warner Bros PRO-A-100645) [one sided acetate]
8:12 True Faith (philip steir club mix)

US 2001 2×12″: (Qwest/Reprise PRO-A-100645) [promo]
US 2001 2×12″: (Qwest/Reprise PRO-A-100663) [promo]
IT 2001 (??? DV 028) [white label] +

CD Promo

US 2001 (Qwest/Reprise PRO-CD-100663) [promo]

CDR Promo

US 2001 (Warner/Reprise) [promo] 5 Tracks
US 2001 (Warner/Reprise) [promo] [“Philip Steir Re-Order Mix”] 2 Tracks
US 2001 (Warner/Reprise) [promo] 6 Tracks
US 2001 (Warner/Reprise) [promo] ( Mixman loops)

Other Release information:

+ Country of pressing not confirmed. The label says “S.I.A.E.” and has a small, red, tint stamp indicate Italy as country of origin.