Worldwide Releases

7″ Promo

PH 1993 (PolyCosmic Records PLC93-095) [promo]

12″ Vinyl

UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOX 4)
US 1994 (Qwest 9 41313-1)

12″ Vinyl Promo

UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOXDJ 4) [promo] [black sleeve]
UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUXXDJ 4) [promo]
US 1994 (Qwest PRO-A-6729) [promo]
US 2X12″ Future Disc Systems Acetate


UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOMC 4)

Compact Disc

FR 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 857372.2)
UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOCD 4) [Int 857373.2]
UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUCDP 4) [Int 857381.2] *
US 1994 (Qwest 9 41313-2)

Compact Disc Promos

UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOCD 4) [stamped promo]
UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. NUOCDJ 4) [promo/custom cover]
US 1994 (Qwest PRO-CD-6729) [promo] **

CDR Promo

US 1995 (Warner Bros) [promo] 6 tracks

VHS Promo

UK 1993 (London Records) [promo] [December 1]
UK 1993 (Oil Factory) [promo] [November 29]
US 1994 (Qwest) [promo] [NTSC] [November 7]


US 2005 (Napster)

3:48 Spooky (minimix)
6:30 Spooky (stadium mix)
6:55 Spooky (magimix)
6:19 Spooky (out of order mix)
7:02 Spooky (night tripper mix)
5:49 Spooky (moulimix)
4:56 Spooky (boo! dub mix)Other Release information:

+ Same as “Spooky (minimix)”. * Titled “Z NEWORDER RELEASE” across the top of the double-jewel case, don’t know if this is a typo, or if it is what they wanted…
** Back insert lists “album edit”, “minimix”, “magimix” and “boo! dub mix”,which is incorrect, but the track times listed correspond to the actual
tracks on the CD. The back insert is a “Warner Bros.”Insert with a 1990 copyright. – London/CentreDate Co Ltd. releases marketed in France by Barclay and in Germany by Metronome Musik GmbH, UK catalog number given,
International catalog number given next to the entry (if available).