Music Complete

Worldwide Releases


EU 2015 Mute STUMM390
EU 2015 Mute LSTUMM390 2 x Clear Vinyl Limited Edition
UK 2015 Mute STUMM390
UK 2015 Mute LSTUMM390 / STUMM390 2 x Clear Vinyl Limited Edition
US 2015 Mute 9628-1
US 2015 Mute 9628-1 / 9628-3 2 x Clear Vinyl Limited Edition

LP Box Set

UK 2015 Mute BXSTUMM390 (1)

LP Promo

UK 2015 Mute STUMM390 White Label Test Pressing (2)


AR 2015 Mute-117
AU 2015 Mute CC0001058
BZ 2015 Mute/Voice Music VMCD135
EU 2015 Mute CDSTUMM390
HK 2015 Love Da Music LOVECD448
JP 2015 Traffic (3) TRCP 200
JP 2015 Traffic TRCPTL-200 *
ME 2015 Casete CAS-2015-00127
NZ 2015 Mute CC0001058
RU 2015 Soyuz Music / Mute CDSTUMM390
UK 2015 Mute CDSTUMM390
US 2015 Mute 9628-2

CDR Promo

JP 2015 Traffic TRCP-200
US 2015 Mute


UK Mute ISTUMM390 11 X FLAC Available from the New Order Store on Also free to those who had purchased the Limited Edition Clear Vinyl lp and Standard LP via download card inside the LP.
UK Mute 11 x Flac / 11 x MP3 “Extended Mixes” From the download code in the Music Complete Box Set

Other Release Information

(1) Limited Edition Box Set containing 8 pieces of Vinyl, 2x Music Complete Clear Vinyl LP, Restless/Singularity Yellow Vinyl, Plastic/Tutti Frutti Green Vinyl, People on the High Line/Stray Dog Red Vinyl, Academic/nothing but a fool Clear Vinyl, Unlearn This Hatred/The Game Blue Vinyl, Superheated is one sided Black vinyl.
Small music Complete and Mute sticker included inside the box. Instant HD download and MP3 included on the card inside the box.
200 Box sets were signed and sent out at random to people who had pre-ordered the box set from
The Box Set sold out in December!
(2) White Label Test Pressing there were only 15 pressed!
* Limited Edition CD/TShirt Bundle which was available at HMV Japan and Tower Records Japan.
** Extremely Limited CDR Promo.
*** Extremely Limited “Interview” CDR Promo disc

Many thanks to David Smith for the Box Set pictures.
Many thanks to Kevin Smith for the Test Pressing pictures.