Worldwide Releases


AU 1982 Gap FACOZ 1007
BE 1981 Factory Benelux FACT 50
CA 1981 PolyGram FACD 05
EU 2009 London Records/Rhino Records 2564-68879-7 180 Gram vinyl (Reissue)
FR 1981 Factory/Virgin 70164
GR 198? Virgin/EMI VG50103
IT 1981 Factory/Base FACT 50
IT 1994 Factory/Base FACT 50 Re-issue
JP 1981 Factory/Nippon Columbia YX-7350-AX
flag_nlNL 1981 Factory / Boudisque VR22494 (AA)
NL 1981 Dureco/Factory VR22494
NZ 1981 EMI FACT 50/Code 32
PG 1981 Factory/BMusic VFACT 111-1
UK 1981 Factory FACT 50
US 1981 Factory/Rough Trade FACT 50 *
US 1981 Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 50
US 2009 London Records/Rhino Records 2564-68879-7 180 Gram vinyl (Reissue)
UK 2013 Rhino Records 2564-68879-7 Clear Vinyl (x) / (xx)

LP Promos

AU 1981 Gap FACOZ 1007 promo
UK 1981 2XLP Factory/Townhouse FACT 50 Two one sided acetates
US 1981 The Automatt FACT 50 re-cut acetate for side two
flag_nlNL 1981 Factory/CBS FACT 50 test pressing


AU 1987 Factory/CBS FACT 50C
AU 1990 Factory/Festival C30406 (Re-issue)
CA 198? PolyGram FACD4-05
CA 198? PolyGram 830 404-4
IT 1981 Factory/Base FACT 50MC
UK 1986 Factory FACT 50C **
US 1981 Factory/Rough Trade FACT 50C (mis -pressed cover]
US 1992 Qwest 9 45089-4 (Re-issue)

Cassette Promos

Compact Disc

AU 1987 Factory/CBS FACD 50
AU 1990 Factory/Festival D30406
CA 1989 PolyGram 830 404-2
FR 198? Factory FACD 50
GE 19?? Factory/Rough Trade 410.0029.2
JP 1989 Factory/Nippon Columbia 25CY-3108
JP 1993 Polydor K.K. POCD-1883
JP 2000 East West Japan AMCE-6100
JP 2010 2XCD London Records90 / Warner Music Japan inc WPCR-13166/7 WPCR-13581-2 Remastered
UK 1986 Factory FACD 50 ***
UK 1993 London/Centre Date Co Ltd. 520 018.2
UK 2008 2XCD London Records90/Rhino 2564693694 Remastered and expanded collector’s edition
US 1988 Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 50 CD
US 1989 Factory/Rough Trade FACD 50 (reissue) mispressed cover
US 1992 Qwest 9 45089-2)
US 2008 2XCD Rhino Records R2 516185 Remastered and expanded collector’s edition
US 2009 2XCD Rhino Records R2 526185 Remastered and expanded collector’s edition ****

CDR Promos

UK 2009 2XCDR Rhino Records (2)
US 2009 2XCDR Rhino Records (2)


US 200? Napster
3:13 Dreams Never End
4:37 Truth
4:45 Senses
4:07 Chosen Time
4:33 I.C.B.
5:29 The Him
4:16 Doubts Even Here
4:20 Denial

Other Release information:

* also available as a limited edition which included a CD car carry case.
** also issued in red / green / purple translucent vinyl
*** Limited edition “linen” box set cassette
**** 2nd re-issue of the collector’s editions after fans complained of poor sound quality

(AA) Factory / Boudisque – Unique Dutch pressings were manufactured at CBS in Haarlem, with the original “masters” coming directly from Factory Records, (unique in itself!) .
All releases by Boudisque kept ther original Factory Records catalogue number but VR proceeded the Factory Cat Number,it is still unknown why the Boudisque releases had the VR prefix.

(x)Limited edition pressing on clear vinyl with 100 copies given away at HMV 363 Oxford Street on 16 October 2013 to celebrate HMV moving back to their original headquarters on Oxford Street.

(xx) an additional 200 Clear Movement LP’s were also supposed to be given away free to the first 200 attendees of a special event in Manchester titled “an audience with Peter Hook” which included a Q & A session at HMV Market Street Manchester on Monday the 4th of November 2013.The event was subsequently cancelled by Warner who cited “stock issues” as the reason the event was cancelled.It is not yet known if the event will ever be re-scheduled.


LP Greece



NL Test Press

UK Cassette

Linen Box Cassette

UK Test Press

UK Car Carry Case

UK LP Side 1

UK LP Side 2

HMV Clear 2013

UK Clear HMV

UK Cassette

UK Pro Poster

UK CDR 2008 Reissue Front

UK CDR 2008 Reissue Back

UK CDR 2008 Disc

UK CDR 2008 Bonus Disc

US Test Press

US Acetate

US CDR 2008

US CDR Reissue