Live In Glasgow

Worldwide Releases


2xDVD: EU 2008 (Warner Music 25646-3337-2) [NTSC]
2xDVD: EU 2008 (Warner Music 25646-3337-2) [NTSC] Includes LTD Edition CD a HMV UK Exclusive – Tracks as follows:

CD: EU 2008 Warner Music 50-51442-8468-2-9 [bonus disc] ++

6:58 Crystal

5:48 True Faith

4:10 Regret

4:37 Ceremony

5:37 Who’s Joe

4:21 Krafty

6:07 Your Silent Face

4:56 Bizarre Love Triangle

8:00 Temptation

6:07 Perfect Kiss

6:48 Blue Monday

4:20 Love Will Tear Us Apart
2XDVD JP Warner Music Japan WPBR90682/3 (same track listing as the EU / US Issues – No Obi strip) (New item/entry (x)
2X DVD JP Warner Music Japan WBR90682/3 (same track listing as the EU / US Issues – With Obi strip) (New item/entry (x)
2xDVD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 511845) [NTSC]

2XDVD Promo

AR 2008 2XDVD PROMO Argentina Warner Music Argentina 2564-63337-2 (New item/entry) (x)
JP 2008 2XDVD PROMO Warner Music Japan WPBR90682/3 (Same Track list as the EU / US Versions) (New item/entry)(x/x)
UK 2008 2XDVD Promo Warner Music (xxx)
Other Release information:

+ Comes with the bonus CD. HMV UK exclusive edition. Two different catalogue numbers:
Card Slipcase Cat – 50-51442-8468-2-9.
Outer Card Wraparound case – 25646-3337-2.
++ Contains edited versions of the live performances from “Live in Glasgow.”
– Glasgow show recorded in October 2006.
(x) Custom promo stamped with “Promotional item – Not for resale” in Spanish – Recently discovered item.
(x/x) Standard JP Release with Custom OBI including “Promo – Not for release” sticker on the rear of the OBI) – Recently Discovered item.
(xxx) UK 2x Promo DVD – Plain Dual Layer DVD with no artwork – Region 1